Why did I choose photography?

Why did I choose photography? Good question. More and more, I think photography chose me. Growing up I always looked for creative outlets to express myself. But I always thought I would work in a field where I could help people. Can you think of many occupations where you can be creative to fill a selfish need and also help people? I couldn't have named one.

But then I became a photographer. In the beginning, it seemed I was just filling my creative desire while making a living. Each session is a process. Book a client> shoot their session> edit> client views their images> client places order> send to printer> ship order to client. But somewhere in there things change. Things become more personal. Families let me in. They begin to tell their story and I listen.  It could be the first phone call of a mom telling me about her greatest loss and her courage to find strength again though her daughters. Sometimes it is just before the session as I am being introduced to the family, and then I get more information on serious health matters that have sparked the desire for a portrait session.  Sometimes it's after the session. I get the call that a member of the family passed away and the portraits I took were the last of that family member.  Those are the hardest.  Then there are times when it comes from a complete stranger. They see a photograph I took of a landmark that just so happens to be where their grandmother grew up climbing the trees and her great grandfather built the house. 

There it is. I help people. I am a photographer, and I help people. Who would have thought? Did this "job" choose me? Somedays my humbled self sits back and wonders. It seems as though the reminders of how important my passion is to me comes to me at times I need it most. And I have my clients (new friends) to thank for letting me into your familes. Your stories keep me going. Your stories are what fuels my energy to make your images that tell your story perfectly for you.

I am so thankful that photography found me. 


Ashley Nichole Photography

As I thought of what images to use for this blog (since what would it be without an image) I first thought "of course use images of the families that inspired me to write this blog" but then I realized, they deserve to keep their stories a little private in some way. So I did not want to put faces to the stories without their permission. So instead, you are stuck seeing me doing what I love, taking pictures. Which is probably how y'all will remember me anyways.