30A Seaside Beach Proposal : Mason and Amy : South Walton, Florida

I love when I get these calls for a proposal session! I can feel the excitement (and nerves) in the plan the guy is making. Some plans are elaborate, some are simple, some contain multiple surprises. Mason made his proposal very romantic. Mason called upon Seaside Homeowners Collection, a rental management company who also offers great concierge services. They set up a very sweet beach picnic right out in front of one of the iconic beach pavilions on Seaside Beach, complete with a cheese and seafood spread, a bottle of red wine and a candle lit heart in the sand. Amy was so surprised by the picnic but she had no idea what was coming up next. She also had no idea that a photographer was taking pictures of them paparazzi style. I'd like to think I have some stealth moves, but really, I think they were just so in the moment she didn't care what was happening around her. 

The sunset was forming perfectly as the couple cuddled up to watch. It didn't take long before Mason got on one knee to pop the question! I am sure the seconds felt like minutes as he gathered his words to say! Needless to say Amy was very surprised and she said yes!

Once the moment was taken in and Amy realized this wasn't a dream we got to have an awesome portrait session to follow. The sunset remained amazing and the smiles were endless! Thank you Mason, for trusting in me to be there to capture this moment for you! It was so fun to be there and see your love story begin!