Family Heirloom Films

A Family Heirloom Film takes telling your family's present day story to a level above capturing still photos. Films allow you to forever hear those child like giggles or that sweet soft voice of a child. This is not only a film for Mom and Dad, but a wonderful way for your children to hold onto memories in more ways than just a photograph. They too will get to remember the sound of your voice, and laugh, and the way you hugged them tight or held their hand. When we think about these moments of siblings chasing each other, splashing in the water, or digging in the sand, these moments live in motion. They don't happen as a still moment to be put in a frame. Family Heirloom Films give you the chance to remember them just as they happened in a beautifully created film.

Not everybody has the same story to tell, a Family Heirloom Film can range from many different milestones, like a child's adoption or the birth of a new baby, I casual day in your home to show your everyday life, a day at the park, all sandy at the beach on vacation, or all dressy at the beach. No family is the same, and my role is to help you create the truest reflection of the story you want to have created into the most beautiful home video you will ever have.

Film Pricing

Heirloom Films start at $700 for 60-90 minutes of filming at one location and a 2.5-4 minute film to one thoughtfully selected, licensed song.

Extended Heirloom Films start at $950 for 2.5-3 hours of filming at 2-3 locations and a 4-6 minute film to one or two thoughtfully selected, licensed songs.

Upgrade options:
~Extended voice over interview or story telling mixed with the music of your film
(See the Mandella Family and/or the Anniversary and Pregnancy Announcement Film as an example) $125
~ Add 5-8 digital portraits of your family for $250 (includes the option to purchase additional prints)

**If using the beach film sessions take place in the morning during the months of June and July. August-May film sessions are offered on a more flexible schedule to include sunsets**