A wedding album : Your first family heirloom

When thinking about who you'd like to have photograph your wedding day, what things should you consider? The amount of coverage during the wedding day of course, if digital options are available, does the photographer fit a style you want, do you have the choice of having a second photographer? These are all great things to consider. But are you ALSO considering if the photographer is a FULL SERVICE photographer? Great! They offer you the digitals, but what are you going to do with a disk or thumb drive full of 300+ images? If this is all your photographer offers, they are considered a "shoot and burn" photographer. Meaning they do not have print and album options for you to choose from to alleviate the headache of you figuring out how to design and print a quality and long lasting album for you.  Do you want to pull out your laptop and have people click an arrow to skim through all those images that don't mean as much to them as they do to you? Or would you rather have a formal and traditional album as a way to tell your wedding day story? No, I am not talking about an album that looks like your parents or grandparents album. I am talking about a beautiful, professional and custom designed leather album with over 50 material choices to choose from. A more romantic and intimate way of sharing the day and making that piece of art a family heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

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Do we really know what we can do that with a USB thumb drive 10, 20 even 50 years from now? Remember the floppy disk? Think about this a minute....what if your wedding images were on a floppy disk right now, sitting in a box somewhere in your attic or even worse, that basement that is going to flood and ruin everything! 

Sure the digital revolution is a wonderful thing, but should it really be for everything? In my option, NO! That is why I have spent many weeks researching, sampling products and finding competitive pricing to be able to provide my wedding clients with the most elegant, beautiful and well crafted albums you can image that are incredibly customizable to a style that fits you and is symbol of your wedding day. Don't just take my word for it, look at the products here. Trust me, pictures really do not do these albums justice! Once you get one of these babies in your hand, you will not stop holding it and gazing at it. 

Here are 50 of the album cover materials you can choose from. The first image shows the vintage material options and all the others show the leather options. Click on each image to enlarge and see more detail of each material! 

Next, take a look at several of the different types of cover styles to choose from with the leather albums. In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with any style! Choices include a solid cover without a picture window, a custom image with a clear acrylic cover, a square center picture window with an inset option, a longer horizontal image window, or a custom logo imprint. 

With the multiple ways to build an album, custom pricing is available. Pricing factors include how many pages are in the album, the difference between vintage or leather, and the cover type option. Please contact me for a custom quote. All page design and layout is included in your quote. Once you have chosen to create an album of your wedding day images, we will work together to design a beautiful album that fits your style and that tells the story of your wedding day. This really is the first family heirloom you will ever create, that's why I want to help make it perfect for you!