Q: Do you have multiple photographers or are you the one that will be at our session?


Q: Do your sessions include editing and retouching? 


A: I wear all the hats. From photographer to coffee maker, I do it all. For family sessions I am always the photographer. Since there is only one sunset a day and that is the most popular session, it is important to reserve early. For weddings there are options to have a second photographer assist with me.  

A: I am a full service photographer, meaning that all the images you view will have already been edited and retouched so that when you select your print order it is ready to go! Check out this before and after video that shows you a little bit about what goes into my editing and retouching process. Creating the art in your portraits is about more than knowing how to use a camera. 

Q: How will I see my images after the session?

A:  After I select, edit, and retouch your images ,they are placed into an online gallery for you to view as well as shop.

Q: How much should I expect to be have invested once all is said and done?

A:  I have very flexible options for everyone.  I do have a minimum requirement but that is already taken care of just by booking your session. Your retainer fee includes your session and my minimum requirement. 


Q: We really want beach portraits, what time of day is the best for the beach?


Q: What if I already know I really want one of your more expensive packages but don't think I can afford it?


Q: What is the best outfit(s) to wear for a portrait session?


Q: What if I just want to buy the digital files from my session?


Q: If I do purchase the digital file, do you give them to me on a CD or thumb drive? 


A:  About 30-45 minutes before sunset is the best time to do a beach session. You will have beautiful colors in the sky on most nights (sometimes it does become overcast) and people won't be squinting their eyes from the sun or have really dark shadows on their faces. Another option is about 10-15 minutes before sunrise which can be just as beautiful as a sunset, but this is a limited option for just the right family.


A: We can set up an easy payment plan for you to make payments leading up to your session and shortly after. This is the best way to assure you get your product order as soon as I have them ready for you. Or if you decide on a larger package after your session, we can still set up a payment plan but your order will not be fulfilled until the final payment is made. Payment plans are available for investments over $1750 and are not a guaranteed option for everyone. 


A: I get asked this ALL THE TIME! The best advice I can give to families is to coordinate, but don't match. Unless you really want the standard white and khaki look, pick out outfits and colors that flatter everyone and is pleasing to the eye as a group. More than likely, you already have tons of options in your closet. Some colors I suggest you to stay away from in a sunset beach session are orange, red, yellow and a lot of black. After you have completed the booking process I will send you a very detailed "tips" email to prepare for your session.  


A: While I do offer this, I don't highly recommend it. Here's why: 

  • Most of my packages include some digital files but they also include prints for you to actually invest in great art to have your portraits displayed. This gives you the best of both worlds. Also if you get to a print investment point of $2500 or more I will GIFT you all of the digital files from your session. Spend your hard earned money where it really counts! 
  • I use the best print labs and vendors that are available to assure that you are getting quality product with the best print quality available. I have spent hours, perhaps days making sure I use the best there is.  I guarantee the work that comes from my vendors. So if you are not happy with how a print turned out, I will work with you to find a resolution. If you use a digital file to use a vendor of your choice, I will not guarantee the quality.
  •  Think about the last time you only bought the digital images. Where are they now? More than likely you saved them to your computer or burned them to a disk and only look at them twice a year. Why invest so much into something that you don't get to enjoy everyday. A Jacksonville, FL photographer made a great little video that shows the reality of the digital purchase. Check out the video below. 

A: Any digital purchase will be delivered electronically by a direct link for download. A thumb drive is available for an additional cost when requested.