Family Heirloom Films : NOW AVAILABLE : Santa Rosa Beach and 30A

The funny thing about people of the creative mind, is that we always have a thirst to learn new things and express our creativity in different ways that keeps up inspired. Over the last 4 years I have had the fortune of my best friend being a Wedding Videographer. I have watched her create beautiful wedding films that will make you cry happy tears for people you don't even know because she can tell the story of a wedding day through film so beautifully.

One thing I love about our friendship, is that we can meet up for lunch to talk about our weekend plans or share the kind of stories that best gal pals share with each other, but by the end of lunch we are brainstorming new business ideas, we are advising each other on how to be more successful, or on how to keep motivated during our creative lulls. Friendships don't come along like this everyday.  During a lunch with her one day tossing around some new ideas, we both had a light bulb moment, and right there my new passion was born and some in depth mentoring began to take place for me to craft the new skill I would need. Right there, the idea of Family Heirloom Films was created. I love capturing families during a beautiful sunset at the beach in photos while they visit for vacation, but there is also a bigger story to tell. What about the moments the kids are splashing in the water, covered in sand,  or chasing their sibling along the water line and laughing so hard it hurts? What about the way they say "I love you" when they run to give you a hug and their little arms wrap around your neck. These moments as we imagine them are in motion.  These moments are not frozen in a picture. Family Heirloom Films provide a creative way to make these memories into a beautiful time capsule you can watch (and hear) over and over again. 

Not everybody has the same story to tell, a Family Heirloom Film can range from many different milestones, like a child's adoption or the birth of a new baby, I casual day in your home to show your everyday life, a day at the park, all sandy at the beach on vacation, or all dressy at the beach. No family is the same, and my role is to help you create the truest reflection of the story you want to have created into the most beautiful home video you will ever have.

Be sure to watch below the video of my sweet friend Avis, and her little family. Honest to goodness, I would put these little babies in my pocket if I could, they are so adorable!  CLICK HERE for more samples of work and information about the investment of your Family Heirloom Film.