A few of my favorite people : Family Portraits : Tops'l State Park on 30A

This blog post is a little different, a little more special and here's why....

About 11 years ago I crossed life paths with a girl named Emily when she joined the sorority that I was already a member of, Sigma Kappa.  Our friendship began slowly as we only really hung out when we were with mutual friends. She was the roommate to one of my good friends named Holly and she was quickly becoming friends with my other best friend, Erin. The four of us found ourselves hanging out a lot due to certain activities we were involved in. It wasn't until a tragic life event happened when we lost our friend Erin, that a beautiful friendship began to flourish between Emily and me.  We were each others support in ways that for some reason we weren't finding in others, even though many of our sorority sisters where going through the same grief. As the years progressed we continued being friends even though we never really lived within close proximity of each other.  We've always had the kind of bond that we can pick up right where we left off. In 2007, Emily, Holly and I ventured off to the state fair to see a Gary Allen concert. Of course since 3 single girls were out together we had our eyes open for some good looking guys. Little did we realize that the guy Emily met that night would be her husband one year later. I had the privilege of standing with Emily and Michael on their wedding day and on the day they sent me the very first picture of their new baby girl, I cried.  I had an overwhelming sense of happiness for the wonderful life my best friend was building.  

Last month Emily and Michael and their full of life little girl came to visit me in Florida. A visit I had been anxiously waiting for most of the year.   Emily made it very clear to me that she did not care what we did while she visited that just being together was enough.  But the one MUST was for me to take her family portraits. Usually I am not nervous before a session, but I was nervous for hers. I wanted to make sure I captured the beautiful person I know and the beautiful family she has. I am not one to pat myself on the back, but I must say, the love in these portraits shines. The smiles are real, the love is there and I am very honored to have been able to capture these moments. 


I'll love the three of you forever!