• By applying for the model call you understand that all sessions granted are 50% off their normal price and you agree to pay the session fee as the non refundable retainer. Click here to view details of each session at their normal pricing. Pricing below shows the 50% off rate.
    • Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions $225 and includes a $100 credit- taken within 48 hours of birth before released from the hospital
    • In Home Lifestyle Sessions  $275 and includes a $125 credit- taken in the family home within 30 days of birth
    • In Studio Newborn Portraits $400 and includes a $200 credit- taken at the photographers studio in Santa Rosa Beach between 5-15 days old. 5-11 is ideal.
  • Sessions DO NOT include digitals or prints. You will receive an online gallery for image viewing and you will have a print credit to use to shop a la carte for what it is you'd like to purchase. A full price list of prints and digitals is provided here. Everything on the price list will be 50% off for the model call sessions.
  • The session fee will be collected at the time of accepting the model call winning. Scheduling of your session may take place at another time depending on your birth plan.
  • All sessions will be scheduled on an agreed upon date and time of the photographer and client. If the client should cancel the session fee is non refundable.  Rescheduled sessions by the client will incur a $75 rescheduling fee and may only be rescheduled once or at the discretion of the photographer. 
  • The winner of the Free Birth Story Session is required to fulfill their model call session. Birth Story Session images will not be available until the same time as the model call session images. If the model call session is not fulfilled by the winning birth story client within the required time frame for the session, a $800 invoice will be delivered to the client and must be paid in full to view their images. Digitals and products will not be included in the $800 fee and the digital and product list will no longer be 50% off.
  • All creative direction is at the hands of the photographer in order to obtain the style and look needed for portfolio growth. Special requests may be made but not guaranteed to be accepted.  This can include wardrobe requests, color schemes, posing ideas, editing and more.
  • All images taken by the photographer may be used for advertising and promotion on print and on the web.
  • Not all images taken may be selected by the photographer and all mages are not guaranteed.
  • The photographer does guarantee a selection of at least 25 images for Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions and In Home Lifestyle Sessions. In Studio Newborn Portraits will have a guaranteed selection of 15 images unless this session is rescheduled at the discretion of the photographer due to a fussy baby.
  • Each session will have their own set of "session preparation" items provided that will need to be followed in order to have a successful session. If the items are not followed, the photographer has the right to cancel the session at any time. If a session is canceled by the photographer due to the lack of your preparation, the session fee will not be refunded and the session will not be rescheduled without a $100 rescheduling fee.  Examples on the prep list, is when to feed the baby before the session, how to keep the baby happy during the session, how to clean/pick up the space being used during the session, and how to dress the baby.
  • All images shared by the client online/social media must be images with the Ashley Nichole Photography watermark. The watermark may not be edited or cropped out. Images may not be adjusted by any filters or edits by the client. Images posted must be the original art of the photographer. All online posting will credit and link to the website of Ashley Nichole Photography.

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